Sports Day: Back To School

Sports Day: A Biannual Event

On an overcast morning, the Security Brigade Employees prepare for their Biannual Sports Day. They battled to prove their resilience on the field as they do off it. After all, a Sports Day at work is the time to show off some of your childhood skills. It’s great to see our co-workers get a break from the office and get outside to enjoy some classic sporting events.

A couple of weeks before the event, we had the office split up into four groups. Each team with a unique moniker and colour. Team members spent their free time strategising catchphrases, partners for sporting, team names, and a whole lot more.

SB Sports Day: White Walkers- White Team
White Walkers- White Team
SB Sports Day: Greyhounds - Grey Team
Greyhounds – Grey Team
SB Sports Day: Red Hawks- Red Team
Red Hawks- Red Team
SB Sports Day: Dark Knights- Black Team
Dark Knights- Black Team


Foosball: The Ultimate Indoor Battle

Nothing gets you warmed up for a little soccer like little soccer.

SB Sports Day: Foosball Tournament
Foosball Tournament
SB Sports Day: Foosball Tournament
Foosball Tournament

It’s a rite of passage at Security Brigade. If you’re one of us, you play Foosball. Though it’s not your traditional sports day activity, it happens to be the go-to stress buster at work. We take this more seriously than Manchester United fans take a Manchester derby.

Badminton: Are we there yet?

Our office is blessed to have an attached terrace. We do a lot here. Eat. Play. Contemplate Life. Instagram. Take a look at the view; you’ll get the drift. It also seemingly called for a DIY badminton tourney.

SB Sports Day: Security Brigade Terrace View
Security Brigade Terrace View
SB Sports Day: Badminton @ Security Brigade
Badminton @ Security Brigade



Imagine the El Classico. (almost)

SB Sports Day: Bend it Like CJ
Bend it Like CJ

This event yielded some surprising results. Security Brigade’s team has two hidden gems. AKA the guys who played State and National level football in India. A few close calls, thunderous goals, smart defending and the desire to win made for quite the spectacle!

Cricket: The anticipated event.

Balanced performances from the four teams made this event the most competitive one. We’d saved the best for the last. The eager teams anticipating their turn witnessed a couple of spectacular half centuries. Kaif-like diving catches, all around pace in bowling, and a close nail-biting victory at the end.

SB Sports Day: SB Loves Cricket
SB Loves Cricket
SB Sports Day: SB Loves Cricket
SB Loves Cricket

We can’t wait until the next one!