Weekly Cyber Security News: 24th July 2018

This is a weekly cyber security news update for the for the 24th of July 2018. This post is part of the weekly news series on cybersecurity with content curated by the hackers & experts at Security Brigade.

The Biggest Hacks and Data Breaches of 2018 (so far)
We’re now more than halfway through 2018 and the number of data breaches is ramping up. This year has seen more third-party services being breached and customer data stolen from multiple companies in one go. From the devastating Aadhar breach to Ticketmaster, here’s a roundup of the year in breaches
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Indian iPhone Spy Campaign Used Fake MDM Platform
Cyber attackers have used a bogus mobile device management (MDM) system to target a small – but presumably high-value – set of iPhones in India, in a cyber-espionage campaign that has some unusual hallmarks. Attackers deployed an open-source MDM – which is typically used in business environments to provide security, policy-enforcement, expense tracking and application management across a company’s mobile workforce.
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India’s telecom regulator recommends stricter data security rules
“The white paper recognizes the need for a rights-based data protection framework, but how it goes about providing that is problematic,” says Apar Gupta, a Supreme Court lawyer who has worked extensively on privacy and freedom of speech related issues in India. “It articulates the central problem as achieving an acceptable trade-off between innovation and data protection, instead of attempting to harness innovation to facilitate individual autonomy, dignity, and self-determination.”
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Cyber attacks a major threat to startups

Startups Infographic

Banks and telecom companies have the most robust cybersecurity systems in India, while only 8% of startups are secure. When it comes to response, only 3% of startups are equipped to deal with a cyber attack, while 40% of banks are prepared. Visit our website to see the range of client’s we’ve worked with: https://lnkd.in/f7eVxVd We cater to all industry verticals, creating customized security solutions driven by expert manual testing that is empowered by AI and machine learning.
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